He Pays The Price For Making Cold Jokes To His Stepbrother


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He Pays The Price For Making Cold Jokes To His Stepbrother

The blonde slut, who pisses her off by trying the cold jokes she sees on social media on her stepbrother, doesn’t even realize that she is playing with fire by starting a big war without thinking about the result. Unbeknownst to her brother, who filled her semen in the shower gel in retaliation for this joke, she entered the bathroom and started to wash her body. When she realized what was in the shampoo box, she got angry and went to the bedroom. Not limited to this, the blonde slut, who is rendered ineffective when the well-built man approaches her with a big roll in her hand and covers her entire body with a plastic bag, accepts that she has lost the war, unable to stop the huge dick filling her mouth. When she wholeheartedly states that she wants to feel the muscle cut cock in her warm pussy, the girl with chubby breasts, who begins to experience perfect pleasure at the peaks, screams and ejaculates one after the other.

Added on: Haziran 14, 2021

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