He Confused His Hijab With His Wife


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He Confused His Hijab With His Wife

The man who lives a modest life wants to find a woman who fits his thoughts because he chooses a conservative life for himself and wants to establish a decent family with a woman who thinks like him. But since he has been married and divorced before, he looks for a woman who has been married and divorced once before, just like himself, and finds what he is looking for in an Arab woman. His wife, who is older than him, has a daughter who is almost his age and looks at her as a half-brother. While they were spending time among themselves, the man who woke up sluggish in the morning, thinking that the woman in the turban was doing something in the kitchen, was his wife, hugged her from behind and touched her breasts and squeezed her buttocks, and then he realized that the person he caressed is his wife’s daughter and the girl with the turban, whom he sees as his half-brother.

When the man, who was in a great shock and ashamed by apologizing to her many times, came to his room so that she wouldn’t talk to his mother about it, and went in to apologize once more face to face, his stepbrother started to tell him about his problems in a way he never expected, opening up his troubles. She says that her mother bore her a lot and that’s why she never got any boyfriends. The man, who said that he would help him after he said that no man had even touched him until now, said, “-I didn’t talk about help like this, when his half-brother slowly approached him and put his hand on his dick. Even though he withdraws himself by saying, “He is aroused by his step-brother’s caress, he falls under his spell and starts to make love to his mouth, puts his dick deep in his cunt, fucks him, and when he finally cums on his face, his wife enters and beats the man violently while he tells him not to tell his mother.

Added on: Haziran 17, 2021

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