Drunk Fucked His Stepmother Acting Like Her Father


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Drunk Fucked His Stepmother Acting Like Her Father

His wife, whom his father had been a long-time lover and eventually married to stepmother to them, has a beautiful physique as well as gorgeous hips. The fact that he is fishy and his hips are huge, is more than enough for the young man to not be aroused, he listens to the sound of his stepmother’s fuck every time he goes to their room with his father, and he is perverted at the door. While he desires his stepmother so much, it is in his interest for his father to leave the house. When his father, who will be out of town for two nights, leaves, he and his stepmother start drinking alcohol. His purpose is clear… Realizing that his drunken stepmother can’t see beyond the end of her nose, the young man starts to talk like his father and pretends to be his father, making him feel like his stepmother has a husband with him. When the drunken woman lies on the lap of her step-son, whom she thinks is her husband, she reacts positively when she touches her breasts and puts her dick in her mouth, as she thinks it is her husband, and the young man ejaculates his drunken stepmother in his mouth. When she sobered up, when she confessed everything, her stepmother confessed that she enjoyed it very much and went to bed, saying that she wanted to fuck without stopping until her father came.

Female Model: Nina Kayy

Added on: Temmuz 14, 2021

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